Maverick Homeowner Maintenance Manual

This book will provide useful information, which will assist you in the maintenance and service requirements of your new home. Understanding the maintenance and service requirements of the various components will help to limit issues you may encounter, and will help to ensure the validity of your new home warranty.
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Maverick Sample Warranty

This sample warranty provides information on the terms and conditions of the warranty. You will find that it includes specifications, tolerances, and descriptive construction standards as it relates to the many components of your new Rialto Home. The actual warranty issued may include State specific amendments not included in this sample.
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Maverick House Flyer

Your home is protected by a Structural Home Warranty from Maverick®. This document contains a helpful graphic, which categorizes the various components of the home, as it relates to the different warranty coverage terms (i.e. 1-year, 2-year, 10-year items).
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